Locke Equipment

We provide custom Engineered products and services to steam generation and gas transmission industries

a few words about our Service

"You went the extra mile when I needed it “ - Thomas Baxter, Bush Brothers

The Locke & AMI family of employees is uniquely qualified to furnish, design and construct boiler and combustion systems. Our long history of excellence is made evident by extensive history as a turn-key leader in renovations, engineering design, equipment supply and installation.

Our service is provided by an experienced staff that includes office staff, engineers and qualified craft superintendents. Our ability to maintain tight schedules and provide rapid response is a testament to our company's dedication to customer service.

why choose us

 Locke employs a crew of experienced boilermakers and pipe fitters year-round to serve our customers upon demand.  The crew’s experience shows up with timely project completion and quality production of work.

Our craft personnel are union, which greatly assists our firm in staffing to meet our customers varying demands with qualified, trained and drug-free craft personnel.

At your convenience, we would be pleased to discuss our qualifications and how they can meet your requirements.